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Commercial Interior Design

Professional Interior Design Services for Your Business

When you start a business, you have a million ideas related to branding.  What is the personality of your company going to be?  Is it a corporate setting where you want to give the impression of professionalism, yet comforting or is your business going to be fun and artsy?  You may know what you would like to see when you design your space.  When it comes time to pick out the furnishing and accessories, you need the eye of a trained professional to bring your vision to life.

The design and décor of an office or retail location are vital to giving the right first impressions to your customers, clients, and guests.  Whether you are opening a law firm or a hair salon, professional interior design can be the difference between struggling to attract people and a successful business. 


DD With Dee Interior Design is owned and operated by Deana Velardi-Alejandro.  With Deana’s professional training, certifications, and a natural eye for detail, we can give you the boost you need to open your doors and be ready to greet your clients from day one.

We Design the Space to Suit Your Business's Branding

When most people think about interior design, they think of couches, curtains, and accessories.  Most people do not think about the business aspect of interior design.  When an office space or business is properly designed, people are happier to inhabit that space.  It is proven that when people are happy in their surroundings, productivity increases and morale remains high.  In short, a properly designed and decorated space leads directly to the business's bottom line.

Tre Sorelli Hair Salon

1260 Old Country Rd.

Westbury, NY 11590

(516) 822-8810

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