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Residential Interior Design

Professional Interior Design Services for Your Home

Have you ever wished you could pick the perfect colors the first time?  Are you struggling to figure out what furniture fits your room?  Is the process of picking out accessories turning into more of a headache than you bargained for?

You want your space to represent who you are.  You may have a style in mind or colors you always liked, but designing a space and decorating a room takes more thought and planning than picking the first color you like or choosing a style without seeing if it fits with the flow of the room and the overall space.

DD With Dee Interior Design is owned and operated by Deana Velardi-Alejandro. Deana can be the helping hand.  With services ranging from a one-time consultation to full-service interior design complete with shopping, Deana can transform a room or your entire living space.

We Design the Space to Suit Your Tastes. Not Ours.

A common misconception is that an Interior Designer creates a space to meet their tastes.  Deana will never dictate what a space should look like.  She will listen to what you want and help you to interpret your dreams and goals at a pace and segmented budget that is right for your budget.  This is YOUR space!

Condo Project

Contemporary Kitchen

Modern Bathroom