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Professional Home Staging

Make Your Home Look the Best it Can for Buyers.

When looking at impeccably decorated homes in a magazine or on a real estate listing, you can easily see yourself living in that space.  You may also become motivated to transform your own home to match the styles and feel.  These homes and rooms are quite purposefully designed and decorated to attract your eye.   The process of transforming a room from one that looks and feels lived in, to one that brings out the beauty that attracts your eye is called Home Staging.

Home Staging is, essentially, a marketing strategy combined with touches of psychology meant to bring as much appeal to your home or individual room to make it as attractive as possible to bring in potential buyers.  Whether your goal is to highlight your home’s appeal, or you are setting up a model home, your goal is to generate interest.  Home staging is more than cleaning and straightening up an area.  Home Staging is about accentuating the best aspects of your home and minimizing any flaws by using furniture, fixtures, accessories, curtains, and lighting, doing what is necessary to dress up your home in a way so it sells quickly and for the highest possible price.

The Home Staging Process

Home Staging is about potential.  Buyers know they are not buying a fully furnished home, but when buyers see the potential of the home, they are more likely to seriously consider putting an offer in.

Visualization is the primary goal of Home Staging.  When a potential buyer sees your pictures online, or in person, they must be able to see themselves living there in comfort and style.  They want to know they are buying a home that fits their needs, whether it is raising a family, downsizing after the kids have moved away or any stage in between.

Home Staging is designed to eliminate the flaws or distractions, focusing on the best features of you home.  When we come into your home, we will first work with the furnishing and items you have.  We also have the option of renting the furnishings and fixtures to put your home in the best possible light.

We correct the cosmetic concerns you have about your home.

Deana Velardi-Alejandro is an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager & Redesigner.  An HSR Certification is the most comprehensive Home Staging training one can take.  We bring our own talents and unique eye to each project.  Combining our experience with HSR certification brings together real-world skills with industry best practices so you know you are getting the best possible results.
Our Home Staging Services range from a one-time 2 to 3-hour onsite consultation, to half or full-day home staging sessions for lived-in properties to staging a vacant property.  Our Home Staging services also include shopping for critical staging transformations.

Benefits of working with an HSR Certified Home Staging Professional

  • Home Staging can be done at a relatively low cost.

  • Increase your “curb appeal”

  • Increase the potential sale price and profit.

  • Help buyers visualize themselves in your home.

  • Houses that utilize Home Staging sell faster.

  • Pictures of a properly staged room will stand out.

  • Accentuate the best aspects and downplay a home’s flaws.

  • Less inspection and appraisal issues.

We’ll work with the Seller on the important issues to make the Home the Best It Can Be, While you Focus on the Sale.  It’s a Perfect Partnership!