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Interior Design Consulting

Design and Decor With Dee Interior Design could be that Helping Hand who “Snaps”  your Decor Into Shape!

It is an exciting time when you decide to redesign and redecorate your home. Redecorating allows you to transform your space into the room of your dreams. Working with an Interior Designer may seem like a big step and expense. However, when you work with Deana Velardi-Alejandro, you will end up with the room and home you have always wanted and didn’t know you could have.

There are different ways to work with an Interior Designer. One way is to hire Deana to come in and work as the project manager and be hands-on with those making the desired physical changes. In many cases, Deana is brought on as a consultant to provide insight, advice, and action plan.

As an Interior Design Consultant, Deana can provide a virtual consultation to discuss your project or in-house consultation. During an in-house consult, she will be able to tour the space to provide specific advice and options. Consultations may also range from discussions related to every aspect of your project to particular redesign elements, such as furniture and accessories, paint or wall covering colors and design, or window dressings.
Contact Deana to discuss your latest project and learn how she can help you achieve the home of your dreams.

We Help You Achieve the Home of Your Dreams!

Interior Design is not a “one size fits all” process. Every project is as unique as your tastes and desires. During a consultation, we take every detail into account. Your preferences may dictate the design and décor of a space or the type of room that may influence it, whether a bedroom, a den, living room, or dining room. Other aspects that come into play are size, traffic, lighting, and, of course, budget.

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